This is my story…

Rescue: to free or deliver from any confinement
The rescue begins with recognizing that rescue is in order. And sometimes, the rescue is more a process than a singular event. And sometimes, after being rescued, we go right back into that place of comfortable(?) confinement.
1999It began when I was at a crop night, my youngest (at the time) was 8 months old. Though nursing, I would be able to stay more than two hours because it was his bedtime. Although a party in full swing on the other side of the divider disturbed some of the ladies, it was peaceful to me. I recognized a need to be me – whoever that was – apart from “Mommy.”
A friend asks me to write an article for her magazine. I think about it and begin writing. Fifteen minutes later I hand her a draft. As I read it, I think, “Whoa! Where did that come from?”
March 2012
I completed a gift assessment in preparation for a coaching session. Part of what she identified was that I was a connector. That is, I enjoyed seeing how I could bring people together with each other or with experiences, based on commonalities. After reviewing the results, I told the coach that it seemed as though I had been more reserved, but I was beginning to open up more. Then she asked, “Have you ever considered that perhaps that is how you started out, but circumstances drove you to a more reserved state? Perhaps you are not becoming someone new, but returning to who you were created to be… Mic drop!
May 2015
My parents moved to Indianapolis, Indiana. My family and I had been their caregivers for at least fifteen years. I did not realize how tired I was. I slept for at least two weeks after they left. Friends would ask what I planned to do with all the time I now had. Earlier in life, I would have tried to fill those blank spaces on the calendar.  I at least knew better than to add anything the Lord did not specifically bring my way. During that season (my parents have since moved back to town), I learned the value of margin.
Two-and-one-half of our five children have finished our homeschool. The youngest begins his freshman year this fall. I have been asked what I plan to do when they all leave the nest. I realized that I don’t have to find something new – I already have a personal life. I live it in such a manner that my children know that I feel truly blessed by strawberries, time to scrapbook, planning in my Happy Planner and gift cards to Barnes and Nobles and Amazon. They also know that I am content getting lost in and found by the Word of God, especially with Bible journaling, and by teaching mentoring and encouraging others.
As I watch my daughter and her friends, I am amazed that even they have girls within to rescue. Why all the talk about rescue? My dear friend, Chrystal Evans Hurst, has written a book – She’s Still There: Rescuing the Girl in You. I am enjoying her writing, being blessed as she shares her heart and “practical ways to connect with your next God-given next steps.”

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